Dr. Erin McTigue

coach for academics and writers




dr. erin Mctigue

coach for academics and writers

Dr erin mctigue

coach for academics and writers

I support academics in creating a purposeful, positive and productive life, aligned with their values and strengths. 

Towards that goal, I will help you clarify your vision, harness your strengths and employ practical strategies to be a successful academic and writer.

I believe deeply in people’s capacity for intuition and finding wisdom already within one’s self.  I aim to help people live true to themselves and play “big” in their world.

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Erin McTigue Coaching


Support and partnerships take many forms ... here are some common ways that I support academics.


• Connecting with your core values to align your work and your Work (with a capital W!)

• Clarify what brings you energy and joy in your current work and life

• Creating a vision of your life with maximum fulfillment and impact

• Moving beyond your comfort zone to try out new possibilities and opportunities

project management

• After identifying your core projects, creating actionable project plans

• Deconstructing large, scary (and often vague) projects into doable tasks

• Setting healthy boundaries to create time for your high priority work

• Handling conflict effectively

writing support & feedback

• Developing healthy writing practices to reduce anxiety, build confidence and pace of writing

• Handling the emotional aspects of writing (e.g., imposter syndrome, fear of rejection)

• Introducing research-based strategies for efficient drafting and revision

• Formative feedback with the goal of improving writing acumen and efficiency (particularly for non-native writers of English)


• Identifying personal motivators and roadblocks at work

• Making ideas and visions into actionable plans

• Creating systems for adhering to new work plans, schedules, and goals

• Providing personal accountability at desired intervals (daily, weekly, etc.)

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