What It's Like Working With

Erin McTigue

hear directly from clients themselves

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The Positive Academic, Erin McTigue, is known and praised for the results oriented approach she uses with all of her coaching clients.

"Working with Erin provides a safe place to breathe deeply, consider the difficult questions fearlessly and be ourselves, truly."
K. L., Associate Professor
“Erin can take a lot of information and puzzle it together in ways that are unique and clear and help me drill down to the root problem."
W.T., Professor
“Erin asks a lot of questions and sometimes when I feel that I don’t have anything else to offer these questions force me to dig deeper and often reveals what I really want or need."
T. L. Assistant Professor
“When working with Erin, I feel like my priorities, goals and ambitions are what really matter – not external measures set by academia..”
C. B., Assistant Professor
“Over the years, coaching has helped me in more than just my professional life ... I am able to focus on other things that are also important like wellness, passions, and starting my own business.”
T. H., Associate Professor
“Erin helps me reframe a problem that is causing me angst so that I can take some decisive action towards relieving that angst. Once a problem is reframed, and I am no longer stuck, we are able to think about possible solutions.”
R. M., Post-Doc Researcher