team coaching

Team coaching is for intact teams such as a research group, lab group, and/or team working on a grant project.

Team Coaching Package

  • Attend 4, 75-minute group coaching sessions (via Zoom) with two professional coaches
  • Use research-based approaches to identify and leverage your strengths 
  • Analyze the groups’ strengths, overlapping areas, complementary areas, and areas of needs
  • Share narratives of the group “in the past” and rewrite narratives for future success
  • Determine opportunities and aspirations for the group
  • Engage in short- and long-term goal setting activity with a lens for results and accountability
  • Set action items and learn strategies to support those action items (e.g., communication strategies, project management strategies)
  • Receive one 30-minute, one-on-one laser coaching session with a professional coach